Jewel's Story

This kitty pin was made in Jewel's image to raise some funds and give back to the TNR program that has helped up spay/neuter the ferals in our neighborhood.

The profits from each pin will be donated every other month or when the donation amount reaches atleast $20 USD and I'll keep a record on this page to track the donations.

At the time of writing this I'm not a very well known artist so it may take awhile to see enough pins to reach the threshold but I'll continue to set aside the funds until we're ready! You can also donate directly to No More Homeless Pets here.

*Please note that I am in no way officially affiliated with No More Homeless Pets. They are just a non-profit that I would like to support.


 Pin Donation Record:

 Date Donation Receipt
6/20/21 - 3/01/22

Total: 7 pins sold - $21 donated 


 Jewel's Story

Jewel is a feral cat we found roaming between our yard and our neighbor's yard back at the beginning of April 2021. She had 4 tiny baby kittens and seemed to be living under our neighbor's shed.

Meeko's (a.k.a. Fluffy) mighty rawr!

We started feeding Jewel and her kittens and after gaining their trust after a few weeks decided to try and trap them to get them spayed/neutered. Our city has a great TNR and low-cost animal care program through No More Homeless Pets.

Jewel has a little heart on her front right paw!

Currently Jewel and 3 out of the 4 kittens have been caught for TNR. The kittens are going through their series of 3 boosters and only have 1 more to go. Two of the kittens are boys which we named Milo and Micah and the other two are female which we named Meeko and Minnie. The one female kitten we haven't caught yet because she's been so fast and clever but it will only be a matter of time before I catch her!

These cats have always been too smart for the TNR traps so what I did was get them used to eating inside the house/play tent and once they were inside I closed the door or zipped up the tent.

The photo above is the fluffy kitten we named Meeko inside the play tent. A friend of mine wanted to adopt her so after getting her spayed we are keeping her in the house to continue socializing her even more as well as teach her how to use the litter box. I would say they are all halfway socialized since they allow cautious petting and are used to eating wet food by spoon but they come and go as they please outdoors.

She was also pretty under weight because the other female kitten would shoo her away from the food and she was very shy. Even before my friend offered to adopt her we planned on keeping her indoors to fatten her up a bit before releasing her.

I've been posting online and talking to different shelters but apparently we are over run with kittens because it's kitten season so they are all looking for fosters and no one can take them in. I can't bring them all indoors permanently because we have dogs and my partner would not like having that many indoor cats! However I am prepared to adopt them as outdoor cats for as long as needed. Jewel I have definitely decided to adopt as my own but I'll keep looking for homes for Milo, Micah, and Minnie...

Update 9/30/21:

Unfortunately I was unable to find homes for Jewel and all her kittens so I kept them as our free range outdoor cats. Jewel, Micah, and Milo have mostly moved on from our house and only come back to visit occasionally but Minnie and Meeko continue to come back for meals twice a day and regularly spend time in our backyard and in our home.

Recently, Minnie de-gloved her paw outside somewhere so she had to stay in the house for a couple of weeks while we took her to the vet regularly to clean and dress the wound. She's all better now like nothing happened! Meeko also got an eye infection but we caught it right away and the vet gave us drops to cure her eye and she's good as new. 

I wish I could keep them indoors all the time to keep them healthy and safe but its just not possible with my current situation right now. However we'll continue to take care of them for as long as they want to hang out with us!